Treeline Gallery

The Treeline Gallery in Sutton Bay Michigan has been showing artwork for more than two decades. In 2010 they celebrated their 15th year anniversary. 

This was their website for a number of years. The content below is from the site's archived pages.

103 Jefferson St,
Suttons Bay, MI 49682
(231) 271-5363

Saturday: 11AM – 5PM
Sunday:12 – 4PM
Monday: 11AM – 5PM
Tuesday: 11AM – 5PM
Wednesday: 11AM – 5PM
Thursday: 11AM – 5PM
Friday: 11AM – 5PM



The gallery exhibits fine original art in a variety of mediums---oil, pastel, acrylic, and watercolor.
Art has long been an important part of Alyce Hoban s life.  She opened Treeline Gallery 17 years ago to represent area artists as well as several Grand Rapids artists.
Frequent trips to Greece and southern California have opened new artistic vistas.  Treeline shows work from well known Greek and California artists.



Christoforos Asimis

Christoforos specializes in the light and landscape of Santorini, where he has resided since 1974. He has been largely responsible for the painting of the ceiling of the Cathedral in Fira, Santorini, as well as many of the large icons


Patricia Beggins

Patricia, whose contemporary fine art encompasses many areas, has created several area paintings for Treeline.

Pat has degrees from Olivet College and Georgia State University She has a strong focus on painting both the figure and landscape, as well as mixed media.  Recent work has been inspired by riverscapes near her studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her most recent work can be found at The Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Larry Blovits

Larry is a Grand Rapids artist who has achieved a national reputation for excellence in painting in painting oil and pastel landscapes. He has achieved prestigious national attention for his art. Larry continues to emulate and carry on in the tradition of "academic" paintings


Michael Clark

Michael is a plein air painter whose work focuses on the light and beauty of the Michigan Landscape. His paintings capture a specific time and place.


Jane Everhart

Jane Everhart, pastel and oil painter, selects her images in the Midwest, where she has lived over the years. In Jane's words: "It is very real Michigan trees and fields and time of day and season that I get a charge from and try to translate, somehow, with charge."


Paul Gazur

Gazur, born in Czechslovakia, fled the Communists in 1983. He currently lives in San Diego. He had never seen the sea until he came to California and considers his first view of the sea his defining moment. The sea inspires his passion—the sound of the waves, the harmony, the special light are Gazur's artistic inspiration.


J. R. Gilpin

J. R. Gilpin focuses on utilizing light and color in his paintings. His oil paintings represent specific moments in time.


Geary Hoffman

Geary Hoffman's Photographic Watercolors are a blend of art forms. He begins with one of his original photographs and artistically reworks the image to resemble a fine watercolor painting, using the computer. The limited edition works are mounted archivally and are availa